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Ski Fast, Laugh Often



The Rangeley Alpine Ski Club is passionate about keeping competitive skiing alive for

our youth.  Formed in 2018, our members and coaches have worked to increase knowledge of the sport and help as many Rangeley youth continue and learn the

sport as possible despite the lack of a "home" mountain.   Since our inception,

it has been inspiring to see how this group has grown and flourished. 


The news of Saddlebacks' re-opening was a wish come true.  As Saddleback has

taken on the re-opening of an iconic ski area, they have asked our group to

develop and execute a high-quality racing program for Rangeley Lakes Regional

School students and weekend skiers alike.  Follow along to see the diligence,

hard work and perseverance these kids exhibit as they pursue their sport

of choice in sometimes extreme conditions.  

For many kids, playing sports, organized and otherwise, is one of the greatest joys of growing up. In our opinion the life lessons learned are numerous and the pure joy of playing is literally priceless.  Skiing and ski racing is no different. - Coach Hawk


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