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  • Full Program

    Perfect for committed trainers
    • Approximately 46 Days
    • Fees do not include Saddleback Season Pass or Day Ticket
  • 20 Day Pass

    Perfect for weekenders
    • Fees do not include Saddleback season pass or day ticket.
  • 10 Day Training Pass

    Excellent primer for beginning racers.
    • Fees do not include Saddleback Season Pass or day ticket.
  • 1 Day Training Pass

    Try us out or keep your skills sharp.
    • Fees do not include Saddleback Season Pass or Day ticket.

Rangeley Alpine Ski Club provides a program designed for young skiers ages 8*-18 interested in learning about ski racing and developing their skiing and ski racing skills.

Our aim is to provide training from Saddleback's opening - Mid-December 2020 to the end of March 2021.  

Weekends and holidays, 8:30am-11:30am

For many kids, playing sports, organized and otherwise, is one of the greatest joys of growing up.  In our opinion the life lessons learned are numerous and the pure joy of playing is literally priceless.  Kids play sports for many reasons but mostly because sports are fun and they enjoy being with their friends.  Skiing and ski racing is no different.

Fundamental skiing skills. This is the foundation for everything that happens on skis. This is developed

at very early ages and the focus remains throughout an athlete’s career. Proper movement patterns learned at early ages last a life time. We focus on teaching strong skiing fundamental. The sooner an athlete can feel and repeat proper movement the better. This takes AWARENESS, FOCUS AND CORRECT REPETITION.  This is the formula for success.

Ski Racing Tactics, Awareness and Execution. Also taught at very early ages and progressed as skill and learning capabilities evolve. This is how we play the game! Where we put the skills to work. The lines we ski in gates. Knowing precisely where to go and having the skills to go there.

Sport Specific Fitness, Endurance, Strength, Power, Speed and Agility. These elements are always a part of skiing and ski racing but become more and more important as athletes develop mentally and physically.  We are skilled at programming, teaching and designing age appropriate programs.  Training suggestions will be provided appropriately as athletes mature to the level of motivation to train.

Grit, Physical and Mental Toughness and a Competitive Nature. The very nature of skiing can make it a very tough sport. Extreme weather variation and temperatures are the norm. Hard snow, soft snow, rutty courses and much harder snow can be conditions we see often. Ski racers need to adapt to all of it. And it must be done with a positive confident attitude. Self-belief is critical for ski racers and all other athletes for that matter.

Self -Reliance: Be prepared with the proper clothing and equipment needed for skiing.  Be able to follow directions and meet coaches on the hill when needed. Learn to tune equipment.  Poorly tuned skis will produce poor performance.  Learn to inspect race-courses and focus on the specific technical and tactical task directed by coaches. Assess your own performance and learn to make technical or tactical adjustments from run to run, with and without guidance from your coaches and you will become your own BEST coach.



Expectations and Communication.  Be on time. Be prepared. Be coach-able and cooperative. Be helpful. Be a good teammate and be kind.  Be grateful that you have this opportunity and BE HAPPY!!!!

*Please note our 8-10 age group is still under development.  Without demand for this age

in the past few years, we are looking to you to let us know if this is in demand!  Please 

be patient as we work towards this goal!

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